Powder coating/Wet painting

Powder coating


Powder coating is an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly painting method applied for protection of a metal product from exposure to humidity or air. As a matter of fact, a powder-coated surface is more resistant to scratching, cracking, and fading.

There is a wide range of colours and textures of powder coating. It ensures durability of the product and reliable protection of the material surface. Powder coating is a suitable option for various types of surfaces: glossy, matt, or with texture.

The powder coating method is applied for painting various surfaces: steel, aluminium, brass, galvanized metal, copper, etc. The metals painted by using this method tend to be more corrosion-resistant.


Wet painting is a simpler painting method implemented by using high/ low pressure painting equipment. This method is suitable for painting simpler, smaller products not designed to be resistant to heat.

Wet coating of metal structures could be much quicker than powder coating. The wet method could be applied for painting large structures without dismantling them in this way saving some time for implementation of the order. Moreover, some additional adjustments could be made on wet-painted products after the painting procedure.

The wet painting method offers a wide range of colours so there are no problems with matching the shade to the existing colour of the product. As a matter of fact, wet painting is the best and the most suitable option when a particularly glossy surface is the desired outcome.