Welding MIGMAG


MIG/MAG welding is a flexible and efficient welding method, also known as “gas metal arc welding”. It is a perfect way to ensure quick and high-quality provision of our services. The MIG/MAG welding technique is semi-automatic, we use it for building structures or for welding of basic metal products.

MIG/MAG is the optimum welding technique enabling to deal with a large number of orders.


TIG welding is tungsten inert gas arc welding. This welding technique goes hand in hand with high quality and flexibility enabling us to weld products with elements ranging from the thinnest ones to the biggest ones.

Using the TIG welding method does not produce the results as quickly as compared to using fusible electrodes. However, the TIG method enables production of high-quality welds, prevention of weld splash leading to durability and aesthetic superiority of the product.

The use of non-fusible electrodes for welding prevents molten metal from splashing so there is no need for subsequent weld treatment. This is why TIG is a particularly clean welding technique characteristic of high-quality binding.