Sandblasting/Abrasive shot blasting



Sandblasting is a versatile metal cleaning service enabling to remove paint and primer coatings from the surface of a metal product. The service is provided by using quartz sand, which may only be used once for this purpose. However, sandblasting does not always ensure proper cleaning of the surfaces of metal products. In that case we use abrasive blasting.


Abrasive blasting refers to cleaning of metal surfaces by using metal abrasives. Metal abrasives (shots, i.e., metal balls) are used for abrasive blasting of metal surfaces, which may be reused multiple times. Metal cleaning with metal shots removes deposits of scurf, rust and other impurities from the surface of the product. Abrasive blasting also strengthens metal surfaces.

Advantages of sandblasting / abrasive blasting of metal products:

  • improved paint adhesion to a metal surface;
  • treatment of hard-to-reach areas of metal products;
  • restoration of metal surfaces;
  • removal of rust, scurf and other impurities;
  • extended product life.
Abrasive shotblasting